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I am not good at moderation. I figure if a little is good, more must be better.  One cookie is good, 5 cookies are better.  One glass of wine is good…you get my point.  True, I sometimes end up with a hangover and a stomachache, but I enjoy cookies and wine.

It’s not just “bad” for you things that I over do.  I decided a few days ago that my family needs to eat better.  Instead of easing into it, we are cutting out all processed food.  Nothing that has more than 5 ingredients.  Except for yesterday when we had cookies and take out pizza. I even go over board when I fall off the wagon.  It’s all or nothing.

I’m the same way with races.  Why do a 5k when you can do a half marathon?   (I realize marathon would be better here, but I’ve never done one, so I stuck with the half.) If I’m going to train for something, may as well go all out. This brings me to my desire to do an Ironman.  It has been a secret goal for a long time.  Some people watch the finish and say “I can’t believe those people put themselves through that.  Why would they do that?”  I watch and think “They just gave everything they had.” I don’t think you can fake your way through an Ironman.  There is no moderation in training.  No moderation in the commitment.  No moderation in the physical and mental toughness to finish.  I love that.  That is why I am obsessed with it.

I never thought I would be able to compete in an Ironman.  Now, I think I can do it.  I wanted to sign up for IM Florida.  This was before I knew we were moving.  Brian didn’t share my excitement for going all in.  This lack of moderation is a huge commitment for the entire family. (This is the reason the above is a half marathon, not a marathon)   It is a lot for me to ask.  I have agreed to put this dream on hold for a year (or two).   Until then, I will do my best to work on moderation….in somethings.

Now, I’m going to figure out what I can make for dinner with brown rice and an apple.


About beingmorethanmommy

I'm a 36 year old mom of a 5 year old daughter and a 2 year old son. My husband and I recently moved across the country and we are starting our new lives in the Pacific Northwest. I grew up a swimmer then got into triathlons. I took a break from tri's after I had my children. I've been back into them for a couple years. I also enjoy running and have done a couple half marathons.

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  1. Although it won’t help with the rice and apple for tonight, I saw this in the Wegmans magazine and it’s only 4 ingredients. They served it over misc. sauteed or stir-fried veggies (read: whatever you have in the fridge or freezer!) Enjoy!

  2. Thanks. For the record, if I cook it, it can have as many ingredients as I want. Only the pre-packaged stuff falls into the 5 ingredient rule. But I like the idea of a recipe with only 4 ingredients. Less dishes to wash 🙂


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